More tests. Not more work.

You can be waterfall or agile. You can be big or small. You can be legacy or cutting-edge. No matter your approach, if you build systems, you know you have to test. And you need a lot of test cases to do it right.

But where do you get all of those test cases? Even with automation and behavior-driven languages, someone usually winds up writing tests one by one—and that can be a boring, repetitive slog.

That’s where tame comes in. Instead of creating tests one at a time, describe your software in simple tables and let tame do the boring and repetitive work of forming all those test cases.

And when you’re ready to run those tests just show tame how to locate the objects and tame runs fully automated tests. No brittle record-and-playback. No complex coding. Just easy automation.

Here. Watch.

tame is...

Test Authoring Made Easy

Create entire suites of tests from a single simple table.

Test Automation Made Easy

Run tests on multiple platforms without complex coding.

Testing Agile Made Easy

Quickly add tests to support new and changed features.

The quickest no-code way from concept to automated tests

Take the boring out of building test cases

With TAME you don't build test cases one at a time— you build a whole suite of tests. Specify the normal scenarios, alternatives, and exceptions all in one simple table. TAME does the dull and repetitive work of forming combinations and working out sequences to assemble test cases.

Go seamlessly
from concept to test

Start with the same use cases and scenarios that drive development.
Be the smartest analyst in the room when TAME helps you think through all kinds of options. Figure out the happy path, the alternatives, and the exceptions.

Specify exact behavior—
not just loose descriptions

Precision is the key to repeatable tests. To generate specific test cases that say exactly what to do, you need real values. TAME provides a simple but sophisticated method for defining the actual values to be used in the test cases.

Go beyond simple unit tests

Testing behavior sequences is a cinch with TAME. Whether a sequence of UI screens, a higher-level function, a state model, or a business process model, just model each step as its own worksheet, then connect the sheets together.
TAME figures out the best set of paths to test those sequences for the maximum coverage with minimum work.

Generate an easy-to-follow
step-by-step protocol

What's more valuable than a table of test cases? How about detailed instructions for your testers to follow? TAME generates a step-by-step test protocol that makes it incredibly easy for anyone to run tests—and even to create automated tests.

Power up BDD

Behavior-Driven-Development (BDD) and the Gherkin language are easy, practical ways for business people, developers, and testers to define and to communicate requirements. From a single test workbook, TAME can generate many scenarios at once. Cucumber has never been so easy!

Make automation less scary

Automated testing is great—but without a strategy it can quickly turn into a monster. Whether you record and play back or write code, TAME organizes your work into right-sized components. Even better, our new tools for Selenium and Ranorex make it easy to get started, keep going, and stay on top.

Be agile—
add features incrementally

Don't worry about missing a feature or alternative, just add it and let TAME create the tests for it.
Found a bug? Not to worry. Just identify the conditions and add them to TAME. Build a solid, responsive, and effective regression test suite.

Work in the cloud—​no software to install

Ever been confronted with incomprehensible “getting started” instructions? TAME is really simple: sign up, fill out a spreadsheet, upload it, and get your tests. You're always working with the most up-to-date version. You're not tied to a particular machine or platform. You can even update your tests from your mobile device.

Collaborate online

Report test results directly to TAME.
See and share your project's testing status with your whole team.

Can you fill out a spreadsheet?

Enough with the cartoons!
You're ready to start building tests with TAME.

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